Kim Storey and her work have been featured in magazine and newspaper articles, radio interviews, and blog posts.

How to Behave in the Face of Bullying?

ADN Medellin (Colombia newspaper), September 16, 2017

Kim Storey talks about bullying prevention and the Boston vs. Bullies program. Read More

Bullying Victims ‘as Young as 4’ in the UAE

The National UAE (United Arab Emirates), May 8, 2016

“Dr. Storey said talking to young children at home or at preschool about bullying was a new strategy.” Read More

Bullies Can Pick on Three-Year Olds Too

Gulf News UAE (United Arab Emirates), May 5, 2016

“Dr. Kim Storey, a US-based child education specialist, . . .urged parents to be vigilant and take note of signs of distress in their children — even at a very young age — as a result of being bullied. . . A mean word or a child whispering secrets to a child while ignoring another can be instances of bullying. Children need to be coached to say ‘what you are doing is hurtful’ calmly when they feel victimised in such a manner, Dr. Storey said.” Read More

Talking About Bullying

Youth Connections Magazine, December 2013

"Definitions matter because they help guide our conversations about bullying. . ." – Kim Storey, EdD Read More at ISUU

Talking About Bullying

PromotePrevent, Education Development Center, August 22, 2013

"Bullying prevention expert Kim Storey, EdD, tells us how to stay on track when using the word bullying." Read More

Bullying Prevention: The Important Role of Grandparents

PromotePrevent, Education Development Center, May 30, 2013

"Bullying prevention expert Kim Storey, EdD, tells us what grandparents need to know about bullying to keep their grandchildren safe." Read More

Fair Fight or Blatant Bullying?

Baystate Parent Magazine, August 2013

Kim Storey offers information for parents and teachers about how to help children respond to bullying in families. Read More

Cyberbullying: You Have the Power to Stop It

PromotePrevent, Education Development Center, February 27, 2013

"Bullying prevention expert Kim Storey, EdD, tells us what cyberbullying is and how it can be prevented" Read More

Don’t Just Stand By

Scholastic News, January 7, 2013

"If you just stand by and don’t say anything, the victim doesn’t realize that they have any support," says Kim Storey, a bullying prevention expert. Read More and Download the PDF

Do You Have What It Takes to Stop Bullies?

Scholastic Scope magazine, March 12, 2012

"The bystander is the most important player in a bullying situation," says Kim Storey, a bullying-prevention expert from the Education Development Center. "The bystander has the power to step in and change things."

Students collaborate on bullying issues

The Boston Globe, March 5, 2012

"The eight-week, four-hour bullying prevention program started in October and was developed in partnership with the Education Development Center..." This article features the Saturdays for Success program that Kim Storey helped develop through a partnership between EDC and Boston Public Schools. Read More

Standing up to bullying

EDC UPDATE, Fall 2011

"A new EDC institute helps administrators and teachers address the growing problem. . ." Download the PDF

Preschool teachers urged to act on bullying

NPR (WAMC), March 11, 2011

"A day after President Barack Obama focused national attention on the issue of bullying, hundreds of pre-school teachers assembled in Springfield Massachusetts to learn how to prevent bullying. . .A nationally known expert on bullying, Kim Storey, told the conference of pre-school educators that they are in a position to end bullying in the next generation. . ."